• Eyebrows Rs.30
  • Upper Lips  Rs.20
  • Forehead Rs.20
  • Chin Rs.20
  • Full Face Rs.150
  • Full Hands Rs.350
  • Full Face & Neck Rs.250
  • Tanpack Rs.250
  • Full Legs Rs.500
  • Full Face + Back & Front Rs.350
  • DeTan Rs.400
  • Full Body Rs.1000
  • Upper Lips Rs.30
  • Side Locks  Rs.50
  • Full Face Rs.150
  • Half Hands Rs.150
  • Full Hands Rs.200
  • Under Arms Rs.50
  • Half Legs Rs.200
  • Full Legs Rs.400
  • Full Back Rs.400
  • Bikini Rs.750
  • Full Body Rs.1200


  • Herbal  Rs.350
  • Fruit Rs.400


  • Silver  Rs.600
  • Pearl Rs.800


    • Gold  Rs.850
    • Diamond Rs.1250
    • Anti - Acne Rs.850
    • Kesar Glow Rs.1250


       Skin Whitening Rs.1200

Skin Whitening Cleanser, Scrub, Gel, Massage cream and Pack penetrate deep into your skin to tone and lighten your complexion and achieve clear, radiant skin.


  •        Anti - Aging Rs.1400
    With Rosemary Oil, this facial gives wrinkle-less & younger looking skin. Comprises of Anti-Aging cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, massage cream, peel-off mask and day cream.
  •        Anti - Acne Rs.1400
    With Lemon Grass Oil giving you clear and beautiful skin and relief from acne. Contains Anti-Acne cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, powder pack, peel-off mask and day cream.
  •        Fairness  Rs.1400
    With Strawberry Extract helps give beautiful and visibly fairer skin. Contains Fairness cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, massage cream, peel-off mask and day cream. 
  •        Platinum  Rs.1400
    With Platinum Colloid helps give beautiful skin with the glow of platinum. Contains Platinum cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, massage cream, peel-off mask and day cream.

    •        Skin - Whitening Rs.1500
      A 7 step professional power skin whitening treatment comprising of Bio-hydrating cleanser, Exfoliating scrub, Nourishing cream, Skin tonic, Whitening mask, Whitening serum and Covering cream.

    •  Gold Rs.2000
      A sensational innovation in achieving skin beauty and radiance. Comprising of age defying pure gold scrub, gold mask, gold gel and moisturizing cream, it purifies, revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful and golden glow.
  • Herbal Rs.200
  • Fruit Rs.250
  • Gold (Natures) Rs.490
  • Silver Rs.350
  • Pearl Rs.400
  • Gold (Shahnaz Husain) Rs.990
  • Normal Rs.200
  • French Manicure Rs.350
  • Royal Manicure Spa Rs.400

    * Add Rs.100 for pack & Rs.100 for blade
  • Normal Rs.300
  • Filing + Nail Paint Rs.150
  • Royal Pedi Spa Rs.550

    * Add Rs.100 for pack & Rs.100 for blade

  • Hair Wash Rs.150
  • Head Oil Massage + Steam Rs.350
  • Henna Conditioning Rs.250
  • Foot Massage Rs.350
  • Body Massage Rs.990
  • Body Spa Rs.1500

Working Hours

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